JDLabAgent Architecture

JDBLab-Agent  runs in the same virtual machine as the application being debugged and access JVMDI through a native interface. The native, in-process interface allows maximal control with minimal intrusion on the debugging application.


·       JavaTM Virtual Machine Debug Interface (JVMDI)

JVMDI is the lowest layer within the Java Platform Debugger Architecture. For more information on the Java Platform Debugger Architecture, see the Java Platform Debugger Architecture documentation for this release and the Java Platform Debugger Architecture website.

·       Configuration file Interface

The Configuration file format is defined by ANTLR Grammar.  An example of configuration file can be found here. For generation of configuration files the JDLabStudio can be used. The configuration files can be activated by starting JVM via command line or at any time via control interface.

·       Trace Interface

For more details see the trace file examples.

·       Control Interface

Description of the Control Interface can be found here.


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